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When I began mediating in 1998, it was my goal to open up the line of communication between parties in conflict, in a positive and controlled way, with each side working towards a solution that they both feel they own.  I take great pride in the fact I have successfully assisted over 1500 parties in settling their disputes. 


Mediation is a voluntary or court ordered settlement process which allows the parties direct participation in decisions involving their disputes.  It is most often a quicker, more cost effective and far less confrontational method than the standard court involved process.  While I primarily focus on:
Domestic Relations (Divorce and Custody) and
Elder Care Mediation.
I also specialize in
Domestic Violence,
Labor Management,
Workplace Disputes,
Small Claims, and other civil matters.


I firmly believe that we should always mediate in the best interest of the children. And, I understand you have a choice of professional mediators and am honored you are considering my services.  I value your confidence and will strive to assist the parties resolve their disputes as I believe mediation is the better way.


I look forward to working with you,

Diane B. Skinner


Diane B. Skinner




Diane B. Skinner
Registered mediator since 1998

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